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            From a foreign woodworking teacher's father's solid wood panel polishing experience! Speed stamp!

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            In modern wood furniture factories, many woodworkers, such as eye shooting and wood planing, are replaced by machines, but the grinding process is still done by hand. Different parts and processes need to use different grinding tools.

            The beauty of furniture surface depends to a large extent on the quality of grinding. Whether solid wood enterprises or plate furniture enterprises, the workload and the number of people is more grinding shop, the most problematic is the grinding workshop. Because of the particularity and difference of the material itself, as well as the difference in the shape and shape of the parts after processing, and the limited processing function and cost of the sand light equipment, there is not a good substitute for the manual sand light at present.

            Conventional grinding of small plate parts

            Grinding a smooth surface: in order to efficiently polish the board, combine the machine with manual technology, grinding from low mesh to high mesh.

            Start grinding with electric tools, and then eliminate machine wear marks: use 5-6 inch diameter disc sander to start grinding from 150 mesh to end of 180 mesh. When using sanding machine, you will wear a lined garment gloves to relieve the vibration of the machine.

            Finishing by hand grinding: after grinding the machine to 180 mesh, 220 pieces of sandpaper wrapped in a cork grinding block were continued to be polished by hand. When you don't grind in the direction of the texture, the master may reprimand you if you don't grind along the direction of the texture, but the angle of 7 to 10 degrees in the direction of the texture can better clear the wood fiber and will not leave a clear lateral scratch on the wood surface.

            Handmade sand plate: if you feel tired by granding a sand block for a long time, you can replace it with a hand sanding plate with a magic tape. It will be easy to operate.

            Grinding end end: usually grinding to 220 mesh can end, but the cross surface still needs to continue grinding until about 400 orders can be done, so as to achieve smooth surface effects like glass.

            Grinding of large plate

            In more than 20 years, the teacher has been answering questions about carpentry and surface treatment. One of the problems that makes a headache is often asked, that is how to deal with a good board to get a smooth surface. The big board is often too wide to pass the planer, and the hand planing skill can not meet the requirements. The 5 inch disc sander is too small and uneven. Such a big board is often the most prominent part of a product, such as the panel of a table, or the side board or panel of the wardrobe, which is not required for the surface treatment, so it can not be fooled by the past.

            His solution is to use the abrasive belt machine, but the first step to flatten the plank is to glue the process, that is, to make two blocks of wood as far as possible. Two sections of 11 / 2 inches of wood are clamped on both ends and middle of the plate with a clamp, and the clamp is tightened evenly, and the plate is pressed as much as possible by the pressure applied by the clamp. He will scrape the excess glue out of thin slices with F, but in fact, the box can also be used. Then tighten the steel bar clamp evenly, and use the rubber hammer to knock the boards around the joints to make the boards equal to one another.

            First up and down clip, and then the right and left clip: first in the front and back of the board and the middle of the clip on the wooden bars, tighten up and down clamped clamp, the bar exerts pressure on the bar by the constraints of the plate pinch. Then, the fixture in the left and right direction of the plate is tightened successively, so that the board is glued more tightly.

            Despite these precautions, there are still some unevenness between the splicing boards when you need to use some heavy equipment. The first choice 4*24 inch large sand belt machine, the next also can choose a diameter of 6 inch disc sand light machine, either a cylindrical grip or a gun grip, although the efficiency is low, but the effect is not bad, but the premise is that the quality of your tools to pass.

            When grinding the board, you need to use the lowest surface as the standard, grinding the higher part to the lowest point in one level. At the same time, you need to remove the grinding marks.

            Choice of grinding direction

            Cross line grinding method: the best way to grind the bonding part between the splicing boards is to polish the grinder and the grain direction at 45 degrees, and first polish it from the left side to the right side.

            Then go from right to left and continue to grind with a 45 degree angle.

            Grind along the texture: when the surface of the plate is smooth, the entire panel is polished along the surface texture.

            Extended reading: what details do you need to pay attention to in making furniture?

            Check progress: check with a horizontal ruler that is longer than the width of the panel to check whether the table is high. When the horizontal ruler shows all parts of the table, it can start grinding next.

            Grinding of narrow and small parts

            Small step splicing angle: specially made a grinding block that can be grinded to the steps without causing the transverse wear of the wood, affixed a pressure sensitive back to the lumber, or plaster the ordinary sand paper on the block with a spray.

            The small parts are subversive balance: when grinding on a narrow surface, the sand machine inclins easily to one side, causing the edge of the wood to be worn away.

            Grinding together several narrow parts can not only provide a more stable surface, but also speed up the grinding process.

            How to test the quality of the grinding

            The side light will make the uneven surface of the panel appear. Use a low angle light source along the side of the panel to irradiate the other side to see if the panel is smooth.

            Wet wood surface: evenly coated with industrial alcohol, perfume or water.

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